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“The golden mountain is full of waves and rain, and the water in Wuxi nourishes grass and trees.” This is what the famous poet Wen Tianxiang wrote to describe the city Wuxi.

In this land of long history and rich culture, Fengping was established and developed into a shining star in the industry of aluminum process.

Founded over 20 years, the company owns more than 100 passionate and hardworking employees. The company covers a building area of over 20000 square meters and has a registered capital of 9.8 million RMB. Currently, the company has invested more than 5 million RMB for its future development.

Jiangsu Fengping Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd is a well-known Corporation in Jiangsu. Located in the Huishan economic development zone of Wuxi, Jiangsu Fengping Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd is a mighty producer of equipments in aluminum process in China with renowned reputation in China.

As the leader in this technology sector we as a group covered the entire aluminum and cuprum process, like heating, extruding, quenching etc. We offer extruding machines a maximum of 20000T. Our innovative product range that is unrivaled in China.

Our group makes close proximity to customers and delivering professional services their top priority. We have a professional R&D group, no matter size, power or paint is customizable. Repair service or spare parts supply, our expert staff is available to advise our customers at all times.

Strong enthusiasm realizes transcendence. Fengping has adhered to the enterprise spirit of “endeavor, thought and transcendence”. In the aspects of technological knowledge and management, the company constantly absorbs domestically and internationally advanced experiences and shares them with customers.

Fengping is the paradise to realize self-value and the stage for innovators. Every day is a brand-new day; every day, the diligent Fengping people are creating higher values for customers, society and human beings in a silent way, and pursue a better life. Cohesion brings about strength; harmony generates hopes; win-win development realizes dreams.


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